Alice Harford

Name Alice Harford

Current Job Title PhD student

Organisation University of Auckland

AWIS Role Auckland Co-convenor

Academic Background BSc, MSc and currently undertaking a PhD, all in Marine Science and Biological Sciences from The University of Auckland

Area Of Science Conservational Ecological Physiology

My Story

After growing up in Australia and Europe, I developed a healthy appreciation for both understanding the history of things as well as the natural world. I decided to undertake a BSc and MSc in ecological physiology, and am now embarking on my doctoral adventure at the University of Auckland. I am fascinated by the adaptive physiology of species inhabiting extreme and variable environments, as well as the capacity and plasticity of these systems to compensate and maintain performance under changing environmental conditions. I live with my fur baby, a rather overzealous rescue husky called Hunter.

Extra Curricular

Tennis, swimming and chasing after my over-excited husky!

Favourite Book

The Great Gatsby (Scott Fitzgerald)

Favourite Movie

The Lord of the Rings