Dawn Coates

Dawn Coates

Name Dawn Coates

Current Job Title Associate Professor, DEnTRegen (Dental Engineering and Tissue Regeneration) programme leader

Organisation University of Otago

AWIS Role Executive Committee Member

Academic Background PhD

Area Of Science Molecular and cellular biology, osteogenesis, stem cell biology, angiogenesis, tissue engineering and regeneration

My Story

I undertook my PhD at Otago University with research into embryo implantation and then spent a year with AgResearch at Wallaceville (Upper Hutt) modifying a yeast shuttle vector and studying twinning genes. I met my husband and we travelled to Cambridge University so I could do a three year postdoc investigate human placental angiogenesis (blood vessel growth). On returning to NZ I received a postdoc with AgResearch (Invermay, Dunedin) to investigate angiogenic extracts and gene discovery in deer antler which grows at up to 2 cm per day. I lead this group for sometime but left when our third child arrived and the work/life balance became difficult. I now undertake research in the Dental Faculty at Otago and work some fabulous students, colleagues and collaborators. I am predominantly involved in translational research but also undertake proteomic profiling and more basic stem cell research. Current projects involve investigating novel bone grafting constructs, nanosilver and manuka oil as antimicrobials, membranes for intra-oral surgery, the use of bovine lactoferrin for bone regeneration, and novel bone blocks for the repair of large bone defects. 

Extra Curricular

I enjoy our three children, two of which are now independent and the youngest is at high school. My husband and I have a small farm which keeps us busy. I also enjoy running, gym classes, scrapbooking, cycling, hunting and photography.