Lara Shepherd

Lara Shepherd

Name Lara Shepherd

Current Job Title Research Scientist

Organisation Te Papa

Awis Role Wellington Co-convenor

Academic Background BSc, MSc and PhD from Massey University

Area Of Science Evolutionary Biology

My Story

I've always been interested in science and, in particular, biology. I was lucky to have fantastic lecturers at Massey University who sparked my interest in evolutionary biology and genetics. My current job at Te Papa allows me to work on a variety of research questions including taxonomy, domestication, conservation, hybridisation and ancient DNA. I'm fortunate in that I do a mix of fieldwork, labwork and outreach and I get to work with a variety of people.

Extra Curricular

rogaining, tramping, botanising, running

Favourite Book

Where the Indus is Young, Game of Thrones

Favourite Movie

Remains of the Day, Jurassic Park, Bend it Like Beckham