Report: 2014 Conference

The 2014 AWIS conference - Absolutely Positively Science - was held in Wellington on 9-11 July. Below are reviews by attendees.

Bridie Carr, Plant & Food Research
The conference begun with an enjoyable start - warm conversations with friendly and interesting people over a few wines and canap├ęs at the welcome function. I especially enjoyed talking to Miriam Dell. Over the course of the conference every single talk I went to I found interesting and captivating. I was impressed with the range of different topics touched on, the content of each talk, as well as the delivery by the speakers. It was inspiring to listen to fellow woman in science speaking about their area of speciality with such enthusiasm and expertise. One talk in particular that stood out to me was the one by Clemency Montelle. Clemency spoke about her career based on the blending of the sciences and humanities with her research looking into the history of Mathematics. I was impressed by the number of languages she had learnt in order to decipher and understand the many thousands of manuscripts she has gone through, working on tracing back the ethnic origins of mathematical theories. Overall my time spent attending the 2014 AWIS conference was highly enjoyable and I am grateful for the opportunity to have gone.