Report: Christchurch networking evening

The Christchurch branch was lucky enough to host Jilly Evans for a recent "Networking Party". We were well supplied with drinks and snacks while we shared our diverse science stories, tops tips, and something you wouldn't see on our CVs.

It was quite a revealing night. Since there hasn't been any AWIS meetings in Christchurch for a long time it was great to see so many familiar and new faces.

Jilly has recently co-founded a new biopharma company, PharmAria in San Diego after a very successful exit last year from her previous company Amira Pharmaceuticals. Always inspirational and enthusiastic Jilly talked about her recent career progression from Amira and how an interview for a different job led to the formation of PharmAria. Jilly is a regular visitor to NZ and we'll be looking forward to hearing how things are going for her with this new challenge.

After the success of this evening I'd be thrilled to hear from anyone in Christchurch who wants to be involved in the planning of our next get together. Please email me at with your suggestions.