Report: North Shore networking

The Auckland branch recently hosted a networking event at the AUT Akoranga campus. A small turnout gave us an opportunity to get to know each other and pick the brain of Professor Kathryn McPherson, the Director of the Person Centered Research Centre at the Health and Rehabilitation Research Institute of AUT. Kath has an amazing career story, initially training as a nurse before returning to university and a research career. I could write an essay about what she has achieved; instead I will share some of our discussion highlights and Kath's top tips...

  • Trust people! Very few people with deliberately let you or themselves down.
  • Be aware of setting a bad example - especially as a senior team member. Sending emails at all hours and working late everyday may unknowingly put negative pressure on others. As a group we decided holding those emails in the draft folder was the best option as it gets them off your own mind but not onto others!
  • Recognise that issues and questions can have a range of answers, from a definitive answer to gentle guidance. One size does not fit all!

I personally liked Kath's method for dealing with negativity and challenging people, she used the analogy of a basket, instead of taking things to heart put all their comments into the basket and only pull out and take on board those which are useful.

To read Kath's biography: