Carolina Loch

Carolina Loch

Name Carolina Loch

Current Job Title Lecturer

Organisation Department of Oral Sciences, University of Otago

My Story

As part of Association of Women in Science conference 2017 I was selected for Shadow a Scientist programme on July 13th. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Carolina Loch Santos Da Silva, she is researching evolutionary oral biology and comparative dental morphology, mainly using animal teeth. She completed a PhD on the "Morphology, function and evolution of teeth in fossil and modern Odontocetes (Cetacea)" in 2013, in the Department of Geology and the Faculty of Dentistry but also completed a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Zoology in her home country, Brazil. She has also conducted several other research in collaboration with Prof. Paul Brunton, Dr. Don Schwass, Prof. Warwick Duncan among several others.

Carolina has been in New Zealand for over 5 years and is a Lecturer in Department of Oral Sciences in Otago University. She is also one of the few participants of the Curious Minds series, girls and women in STEM. She is an open, ambitious and friendly person who in addition to her love of science loves football and martial arts. How she balances her job, family, hobbies really amazed me. But what I found the most inspiring about her personality was that it wasn’t easy for her, having lived most of her life in Brazil to adopt the new culture, get used to the accent, but her struggles did not stop her from reaching her potential and doing what she was passionate about.

Article authored by Rida Bashrat, Manurewa HIgh School