Ella Grierson

Ella Grierson

Name Ella Grierson

Current Job Title Research Associate

Organisation Plant & Food Research

My Story

Ella Grierson attended the University of Waikato, and always found herself taking some type of Biology paper, whether it was about plants or animals, amongst her mix of chemistry, creative writing, or psychology papers, from which she always switched in and out. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree, she stayed in university to gain her Masters in Science.

Grierson now works as a Research Associate for “Plant & Food Research”, particularly working in plant pigment research, which leaves her with a colourful waste bin at the end of every day. Part of her research investigates the genetics of kiwi fruit pigments, in particular Red and Golden Kiwi fruit. A popular research topic in New Zealand, in which Grierson participates, is Manuka honey, and what types of Manuka make the best honey. This suits her as she has a very sweet personality, which makes her the best person to have a cup of tea with. Such a kind personality is complimented by her scientist co-workers who have included her in their team, some of whom have been working together solidly for approximately 30 years before Grierson joined.

Article authored by Daphne Benitez, Auckland Girls Grammar School