Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss

Name Sarah Moss

Current Job Title Post-doctoral scientist

Organisation Plant & Food Research

My Story

During the AWIS2017 conference, I had the opportunity to know a little bit about Sarah Moss. Sarah works in Plant & Food Research and is currently working on the Flower Colour in Snapdragon. She studied in Massey University in Palmerston North for three years, while interning at Plant & Food Research. She moved to University of Auckland to gain her Post-Grad Diploma and Masters degree, where she studied and analysed the flowering in Kiwifruit. During her study in University of Auckland, she worked in Plant & Food Research in Mount Albert. In 2011, she moved to Adelaide to gain her PhD and there she studied the fruit development in Grapes. She moved back to Palmerston North as a Post-doctoral Scientist in 2016 and now has a three-year contract with Plant & Food Research where she is analysing gene silencing.

I was able to witness Sarah’s passion in Biology as she talked about the work she does in Plant & Food Research. She told me how interesting and satisfying she finds her job and it encouraged me to find a career that I would love as much. Sarah ensured me that it is okay to be unsure of what career pathway to enter as this stage. She also mentioned that changing career paths in the long run is okay. She introduced me with some of her co-workers who are also just as passionate in their jobs as she is. Sarah also told me that she loved her job because she continues to learn new skills and knowledge. She mentioned that applying for jobs do not always mean that we already have all the skill set and knowledge needed for the work. Sometimes, we apply because we are keen and willing to learn to be able to get the job done well. My encounter with her pushed me into finding a career path that would, not only suit my skills and knowledge, but also satisfy me.

Article authored by Sophia Cheyenne Lasam, Auckland Girls’ Grammar School