Nicolette Rattenbury

Nicolette Rattenbury

Name Nicolette Rattenbury

Current Job Title Administrator for the Science Scholars Programme

Organisation Faculty of Science, The University of Auckland

Awis Role Regional Convenors - Auckland

Academic Background BSc (Hons), MSc and PhD, all in Applied Mathematics from The University of Auckland

Area Of Science I am currently doing Science administration but I am a mathematician at heart

My Story

While I was finishing off my PhD I followed my husband to Manchester, where he took up a post-doc. After some part-time lecturing at Manchester University I took up a permanent lecturing post at Manchester Metropolitan University. It was a wonderful place to work, with wonderful students and great colleagues. During my time there I had two lovely children. Last October we moved back to NZ for my husband to take up a Rutherford Fellowship. I am currently helping set up an enrichment programme for gifted and talented students at The University of Auckland.

Extra Curricular

Spending time with my two lovely (most of the time) children, reading, badminton (although it has been a while since I was on the court), cryptic crosswords and handcrafts.

Favourite Book

Too many to choose from! I do love Jane Austen though. My favourite genre is probably crime

Favourite Movie

Again, too hard to choose, but some of my favourites are: The Game, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Top Gun, Old Men in New Cars and Casablanca