My Story webinar - Gill Jolly

8 March 2024, 12pm - Zoom

The first of our My Story webinars, where you can hear New Zealand women in science speak about their roles, their personal highlights, and their tips for success in a STEM career. 

Speaker: Gill Jolly, Chief Science Advisor at MBIE and volcanologist at GNS Science

Gill is the Chief Science Advisor to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.  Gill completed her undergraduate degree in Geological Sciences at the University of Cambridge and then went on to do a PhD in physical volcanology from Lancaster University. She worked for the British Geological Survey from 1992 to 2006 on a diverse range of projects including mineral exploration, environmental geochemistry and 3D modelling of Earth structure. Between 1996 and 2005, she periodically spent time on Montserrat, West Indies monitoring the active Soufriere Hills Volcano through a range of eruptions.

She then moved to New Zealand to take up a volcanologist role at GNS Science in 2006. In New Zealand, Gill has had various people and science leadership roles and has been involved in several collaborative research programmes including the Natural Hazards Research Platform – a precursor to the National Science Challenges. She was previously the Natural Hazards and Risks Theme Leader at GNS Science, responsible for developing the agency’s strategic direction for research on volcanoes, tsunami, landslides, and earthquakes and acting as a conduit between the research community and decision-makers.

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