Inspiring Action


The Ministry of Women's Affairs have published a new report, Inspiring Action, which summarises evidence, action plans and research to inspire and encourage action that removes obstacles to women's career progression.

As Barbara Chapman, Chief Executive of the ASB Bank said recently “despite all the research and evidence proving that companies with higher percentages of women in their leadership perform better financially, the highest levels of corporate New Zealand continue to be a largely male dominated domain”.

This bibliography is a quick reference of abstracts on ways to improve women’s career paths within organisations. The authors have referenced 117 items, organised them into seven topic areas, and provided a brief summary of each item. Articles covering more than one topic have been included in each relevant area.

The Ministry hopes Inspiring Action will make it easier for human resources practitioners and managers, Chief Executive Officers and leadership teams, to identify practical steps to take to improve women’s career pathways in organisations. To find articles, use the online searchable database or download the full report.