Kickstart for science student


Lucy Egan, a young female science student from Christchurch, has been selected to receive the ultimate kick-start to her career. As one of six winners in the Maybelline Make IT Happen search, the 22 year old will receive personalised mentorship and money-can’t-buy experiences that will assist her in her goal to become a top female scientist specializing in plant breeding.

Lucy was selected from more than 250 entrants in the Maybelline and Miss FQ Make IT Happen search due to her confidence and clear drive to be a top female scientist working as a plant breeder to produce sustainable crops that can feed the world.

Each of the girls will receive opportunities tailored specifically for them and for their field of interest. Lucy will be mentored at New Zealand-based food science research company, Plant & Food Research where she will spend time with their team in both Lincoln and Te Puke, focusing on our iconic national crop, Kiwifruit. She will also spend time with leading female scientists as a part of the L’Oreal Women in Science program. She will receive mentorship and experiences to educate her on the business and funding aspects of scientific work to prepare her for when she chooses to conduct her own research.