Our new look

new awis logo v2

The Association for Women in the Sciences (AWIS) has a new look and a new strategy.

In February 2019, AWIS conducted a survey of women in science in NZ to identify the issues deemed most important to current and prospective members. The survey suggested that the top issues affecting women working in the science system are related to career advancement and representation at senior levels, pay equity, and gender bias. Work life balance is also a key issue for women working in science. The survey also suggested that the key areas that AWIS should focus on are supporting and advocating for women already in science.

So we decided to listen to the people we represent and made a few changes!

We have a new strategy that focuses on women working in or supporting the sciences, and those studying the sciences at tertiary level or above. We’ll be focusing our efforts on making sure these women are provided with access to more formal training and peer advice on how to advance their careers while balancing work with their home obligations and personal needs. We’ll also do our best to make sure their voices are heard with the people that count – whether that’s the New Zealand Government, policy makers or managers within the New Zealand science system. 

Our new look reflects who we want to be – a strong, professional organisation supporting and advocating for women across the sciences.

About our new logo

Our new logo was developed by a team of creative students at Unitec. The red and purple colours represent the professional yet inclusive and inherently female organisation we are. The mark takes its lead from the sciences, with the hexagonal shape seen in a range of natural formations (such as honeycombs and snowflakes) and the helical twist of DNA.